Secret To A Healthy Lifestyle – Early Rising

Secret To A Healthy Lifestyle – Early Rising

The struggle of convincing myself that 5 more minutes of sleep will make me feel less tired and I will wake up with full energy, had become my everyday story. Hitting the snooze button several times in a row was part of my morning wake up routine. And those 5 minutes started turning into hours making me a slouch. But soon I reached the saturation point and decided to break down this habit and live each and every moment and make the most out of this beautiful life. I had the mission but how to achieve this was another big challenge screaming for help in front of me. So I started reading relevant articles all over the internet and noted down all the important points. When all the research work was done, now the time was right to practically apply those tips to be a morning person and see the sunshine bright and beautiful!! It didn’t happen overnight, it took me months to achieve this.

  • The first thing we need to understand that why is it important to wake up early. The dictionary meaning of morning person itself says a person who is more productive, efficient and alert in the mornings. People waking up early are more persistent in their work. They have low anxiety levels. In short, morning people are HAPPY people and who doesn’t want to stay happy?
Good Morning
Let There Be Life!
  • Don’t be harsh on your body by setting up really early wake-up alarms. Sudden changes are never welcomed by your body and you will end up feeling sluggish and drained throughout the day. Initially set your alarms just an hour early then your previous routine, so that you can train your body mechanism accordingly. Slowly and gradually you can make changes in the timings and reach where you want to.
Snooze Alarm Clock
No Time For Snooze
  • Always, always and always place your alarm clock across the room. This trick really works! No matter how sleepy you are, you have to get out of the bed to switch off the alarm and there you are, half of the task is done!!!!
  • Do a bit of stretching so that your body also wakes up physically.
  • Making your bed immediately after stretching up will help you avoid going back to the bed again. Clean up the rest of the mess in your room so that you feel all the more active and awake.
  • Open up any windows or doors of your room so that you can enjoy the most beautiful part of the day that is the bright sunshine and the cool breeze. Let the sunshine fall on your face and breathe in the fresh air, the perfect beginning of a new day.
Social Media
Say No To Social Media For Sometime
  • Avoid jumping into your phones for checking any emails or facebook/twitter updates. In the beginning, you will feel anxious all the time as if you are missing something really important but trust me there are a lot of other things which need your prior attention. Don’t feel too controlled by your social media life.
Healthy Breakfast Is A Perfect Way To Kick Start Your Day
  • Do anything that makes you happy. I love cooking so I make breakfast for the entire family. In the end its all about being happy. Remember, waking up early will give you enough time to properly eat your breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day.
  • While enjoying a cup of tea or a mug of coffee, make a check-list containing all the tasks which need to be accomplished by the end of the day. This will set the tone for the day. Prioritizing your things-to-do will give you more clarity leaving little or no room for confusion or time wastage. The sense of achievement at the end of the day will make this “Day Planning” task, the most enjoyable thing to do in the mornings.
What To Do, What Not To Do!!
  • You should also plan, a night before as to what needs to be done the next morning. With this, you will feel more motivated to wake up early as you already have a set task ahead of you to be actualized. It will set your morning ritual.
Meditate To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts & Energy
  • Few minutes of Meditation, Yoga or any other Exercise can make your mornings even more rewarding. It will not only make you fit and healthy but will also calm your unnecessary anxieties for the rest of the day.
  • Follow your morning rituals even on weekends. This will help you waking up early each day easier and you will develop early rising as a habit.

Remember, you are your biggest asset, no matter what you do. Without having a healthy and happy life, something is going to slip away every time. While I was working, I had a set routine but even in that routine, I could not take out time for myself due to lack of planning. I woke up early but never enjoyed it, remained irritated and tired most of the times. Then I had a baby and having a routine was never possible because baby sets your routine, not you… Ha Ha Ha!! After he was four months old, I started working on setting up a daily routine. It took a lot of time but now I have learned and understood how to manage my time. I take care of my baby, write my blog and currently running an online jewelry business. I’m altogether a different person now. My ability to execute creative ideas has increased manifolds. I have more clarity as to what needs to be achieved and I have become more focused. Early rising has helped me, to have “ME” time which is very essential in this fast running lifestyle. Not to forget, I have become a happy person which reflects on my healthy looking face and I glow even without makeup…hehe!! I hope that these small things will help you in developing the same habit. If you have any other helpful tip for being a morning person, do share with us.

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