Mac Powder Blush Desert Rose

Mac Powder Blush Desert Rose

Mac Powder Blush Desert Rose is one product that I have been using for the longest possible time and I never ever thought of trying out any other blush, whatsoever. You can wear this powder blush not only for parties or special occasions but also on daily basis. Isn’t it wonderful!! It is undeniably heavy on the pocket but worth the investment. I’m so hooked up with this blush that I don’t step out of the house without a tinge of blush on my cheeks.

Mac Powder Blush Desert Rose is a highly pigmented matte blush with a soft reddish burgundy undertones to it. Absence of shimmer particles makes it appropriate for daily use. I believe that it is a perfect blush which every working women should have in her makeup box. Mac Powder Blush in the shade Desert Rose will suit almost every skin-tone. For everyday use, you can go on with a light hand and for those special days, you can easily build on the colour with some extra strokes. Check out my Instagram handle to see pictures with the blush on a regular day and on a party day.

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Mac Powder Blush comes in a round plastic case with a transparent flip-top. The packaging is quite travel-friendly. The only negative thing about the packaging is that it does not contain any mirror for on-the-go touch-ups, but this is something I can easily ignore. The texture is really smooth and silky as the product is finely milled. You do not have to work hard to blend it into your skin. Once blended you get those beautiful looking pink cheeks.


For proper application of the blush, take a brush ( for the application of the blush you can use blush brush, powder brush, stippling brush or a beauty blender) and dab it gently on to the blush pan. Do not forget to dust off the excess product by tapping off the brush. And Smile! Yes Smile, it will help you in placing the blush right onto your cheeks. Sweep it on to your cheeks in small strokes out towards the hairline. Repeat the steps to get the desired colour.

Mac Powder Blush in the shade Desert Rose gives you the most natural flushed cheeks look. It lasts really long, so no frequent touch-ups are required.

I understand that it is quite an expensive product to purchase but it is worth all the money. It appears very less in quantity but believe you me, it goes a long way.

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