Experience Of The First Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Experience Of The First Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Hello everyone! Here I’m, with another chapter of my pregnancy diary. So, after we broke the news of our pregnancy to our family members, the next important step was to meet my gynecologist. An appointment was fixed with Dr. Deepti Singla for 12th August. She told us to get the fetus ultrasound done on 26th August (a day after my birthday). First ultrasound is a huge milestone in any pregnancy and it not only verifies the pregnancy but also sets the stages which are going to follow. Finally the day arrived, as it was the first ultrasound of our first pregnancy, I was quite stressed out. I and my husband went to a renowned ultrasound clinic in Panchkula. While waiting for my turn, I was so anxious as to what is going to happen, what will I see, what will the doctor say, will everything be alright??!!! And then my name was called, OH SHIT!! Those were the exact words that came out of my mouth. While the ultrasound process was going on, all I could do was to read the facial expressions of the doctor and her assistant but they looked all blank, suddenly I heard heartbeats playing, loud and clear, thought those were my own heartbeats… Ha ha ha!! But then the doctor moved that huge monitor screen towards me and said,“ Radhika, these are the heartbeats of your baby, that’s growing inside you.” I could see my baby!! I could see that tiny little heart pumping. Pregnancy got real for me that very second. But I had nothing to say, nothing was there in my mind. In other words, I just went blank. She handed over my reports to me and said that I was eight weeks pregnant and everything looked normal and I just needed to take good care of myself. Till the time we sat in our car, I did not utter even a single word. And this silence was killing my husband as he was not aware of anything that happened inside (males were not allowed to go inside the ultrasound room for some reasons). Finally, I broke down, I cried, I cried and I cried…until my husband shook me and asked me what happened there?! After I told him, we both cried!!! Those were definitely happy tears, tears of joy and excitement, tears of becoming parents. For us that was entirely unexpected as nobody told us that this was going to happen at the first ultrasound. My baby was of the size of a peanut..hehehe!! We showed the reports to our gynecologist and she also confirmed that everything is absolutely normal and the good news was that I could easily continue with my work. Then she took all the necessary details like my last period date, present weight, blood group, if allergic to any medicine/salt, family history of being diabetic or any kind of mental illness. She also told me to take care of my diet. And then came the most awaited part of this whole visit, EDD i.e the Expected Date Of Delivery, which was 10th April, 2018. Counting of days began from that very moment.  I had a healthy pregnancy, what more we could ask for. I was really grateful to God. This whole experience was so surreal. Pregnancy is a roller- coaster ride, where emotions know no boundaries. First ultrasound is one such amazing ride and every expectant mother wants to sail through it smoothly. And the only way out is to stay positive and stress-free (which is definitely the toughest thing to ask for). I wish that every mom-to-be, has a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Please share your first ultrasound stories with us so that we can provide some valuable information with all the expectant mothers and clear any air of confusion.

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