The Beginning Of A New Life

The Beginning Of A New Life

It’s 1:00 A.M., just put my baby to sleep and while looking at his innocent face, a thought struck me. Why not share this wonderful journey of pregnancy with my blog readers. Why not put my feelings, emotional struggles etc into words. Why not re-live the whole experience once again by writing about it. So without further delay, I picked up my laptop and went down the memory lane (before this, I was freaking tired and wanted to sleep but it’s all gone now).

I clearly remember the date when we got to know about our pregnancy. It was 9th of August 2017. My husband was insanely happy but on another hand, I went blank. It was me who wanted it more than anything else in this world and now when the day was finally here, I looked confused. I did not know whether I would be a good mother, whether I would be able to take care of the little one. Billions of questions crept inside me and filled me up to the brim and I broke down.

But then my husband came to my rescue and he made me feel good about it and assured that I will be a great mother. Yeah! I was happy. I was going to be a mother. Yippee!!

Baby Delivery

Till now, this news was just between me and my husband. Now the question was how to break this news to both of our parents.

My husband bought a cake with “You’re going to be Grandparents” message written on it and during a family get together, this news was shared.

Suddenly the whole atmosphere changed and emotions were just flowing. It is funny but that day everybody got carried away. Laughing and crying at the same time. The session of hugging and congratulating each other went on for quite some time. And then started the sessions on what to do and what not to do. And trust me guys, I was panic-stricken. The list seemed never-ending and it was then I realized that it was not going to be easy.

I was told not to disclose this news to anybody else, at least for 3 months. Healthy diet plans were made for me where there was no place for junk food. Oh No! How in the world, I can stay away from junk food. Somehow I convinced everybody for cheat days. Ha Ha Ha!

Next thing I was asked to do, was to quit my job so that I can get complete rest. (I was working as a primary teacher in a private school here in Panchkula).

Quitting my work, something I love, was a huge decision for me to make. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided that I will continue working until my physical health allows me to. Staying around with kids, especially during such time, would only help me connect with the one growing inside me.

Today, I really feel proud of making such a decision which not only made me happy but also kept me fit and active throughout my pregnancy.

Next thing on the list was to find a good gynecologist and as my father-in-law is a doctor by profession, finding one wasn’t much difficult. So he quickly called up Dr. Deepti Singla and fixed up an appointment with her.

That’s all for today! Will share another interesting part of this whole journey in my next post. Stay tuned!!

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